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Owner, Mark Alston: 

Mark Edward Alston, Owner Skyway Realty, he is also the current President of Consolidated Board of Realtist. He has served as 1st Vice President as well as Chairman of the Political Action Committee of ( CBR ) and Chairman of The Mortgage Banking Committee for the National Association of Real Estate Brokers ( NAREB ).

Mark has been in the Real Estate profession since 1989.

Mark is a highly motivated public speaker and often called on to speak and educate on all areas of real estate, from mortgage banking to real estate law. During his 24 years of Mortgage banking and real estate he is known for his excellent work ethic driven by his integrity, loyalty and a brilliant, inquisitive mind – Mark believes that it is important to give back to his Community. He is a Community Advocate and promotes Economic Development. For years Mark has mentored many young people and regularly instructs a free Real Estate training program which has produced at least two hundred successful men and women.

Skyway Realty:

Skyway Realty is a community based Real Estate Company. For us, Skyway is not just any name, but a name that represents the dreams of a young boy who grew up in an apartment in Seattle, Washington. The hills surrounding that South Seattle apartment community was a community called Skyway.

While growing up in a struggling single parent led household, what that young boy dreamt of was living in one of those houses in Skyway. That young boy dreamt of having a back yard to play in, of having his own room, of having friends that lived next door. Skyway is a name for that young boy that stood for Family and Success. Skyway represents the dreams of home ownership, of a young boy, who grew up poor, while surrounded and having in full view the dreams and promise of what America promises to those who diligently seek it. Skyway is more than a name, it is an idea, that while it serves the general community, it always seeks to find a way to include in its scope, access and opportunity to those who share that young boys dream of living in a home of their own.

Skyway does not just sell real estate, it believes in Real Estate. If you are interested in buying a house, selling a house or any other type of real estate, if you are interested in becoming a licensed real estate professional, participating in our free real estate training classes or coming to new home buyer workshops, please feel free to call us. At Skyway Realty we specialize in people and are dedicated to brining quality service to our community.

Some of Mr. Mark Edward Alston’s past achievements and current involvements are:

• 3rd Vice President, California Association of Real Estate Brokers

• Board Member, African American Museum of Art

• 2011/12012 President of the Consolidated Board of Realtist

• As Chairman of the Consolidated Board’s Legislative Committee successfully led an initiative which resulted in 27 new REO accounts to Consolidated Board members

• Past National Mortgage Committee chairman, National Association of Real Estate Brokers

• Spoke in the United States Congress regarding the plight of urban housing

• Appearance on CSPAN as moderator with Rep. Barney Frank and Chairman of the FDIC, Sheila Blair

• Presented to Congress a public policy white paper identifying the impact and result of underserved financial services in inner city communities.

• Appearance on LA City Channel 35 to present the state of housing in South Los Angeles

• Presented the effect of new regulation to inner city housing at the Diversity Conference in Landover, Maryland 2010

• Recognized by Congresswoman Diane Watson (JUGS) “Outstanding Work in Community Award”

• Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors “Outstanding Achievement in His Community Award”

• City of Los Angeles “Outstanding Community Achievement Award”

• City of Inglewood “Outstanding Community Achievement Award”

• California Association of Real Estate Brokers, Realtist of the Year 2011

• Southwest Los Angeles Association of Realtors, Realtor of the year 2004

• Member and past Vice-President, Cosmopolitan Golf Club (the oldest Minority Golf Club in the Northwest)

• Member, California Brokers Association

• Member, Consolidated Board of Realtist

• Member, Southwest Board of Realtors

• Past Member, Board of Directors of Mini-House Recovery Home for Women

• Past President, Home Mission Department, Louisiana Progressive Baptist State Convention

• Board member with the NAACP in Seattle, WA

• Member of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers

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